Where does your money go?

My name is Robert and I underwent the Nuss Procedure at age 23 while in medical school after many years of misinformation and physician indecisiveness. I believe that an overwhelming lack of medical research is at the root of most problems surrounding Pectus for both patients and caretakers. My dream is that in the next few decades we exponentially advance our understanding of Pectus, including identifying the underlying cause and a treatment that requires much less patient suffering. This will require funding sources and significant research progress.

Therefore, I created this website in 2019 to meet this unmet need with the long-term goal of developing large fundraising campaigns to fund research projects at hospitals and universities. Because this organization is just getting started, your money will be used to pay for website maintenance fees and will be placed towards a growing fund to establish this organization as a non-profit organization.

On behalf of all patients with Pectus, thank you. Email me.

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